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Who will I tell my life story to if not to everyone on the internet?
oh, and if you are interested in funny stuff, don't read this.
My devotion to A.R. Rahman's music began in a very roundabout way..
It all started with Veer-Zaara, Having hated Shahrukh Khan for about my whole life, I typically ended up having a crush on him (my crush list grows weirder as I grow older and includes Karan Johar, Ranveer Shouri, Prashanth {the hero in Jeans} and Rupert Grint, and oh, for about one and a half hours Joy Mukherjee). So there I was, in what I concluded was real love and decided to see all the SRK movies ever made which incidentally included
1) Chamatkar
2)Karan Arjun
which led to Dil Se, and I was floored, not by him, but the music, and what had been a liking turned into an obsession.

A.R. Rahman grew gradually into a mania for me. The effect his music has is probably indescribable, but I will try for once. Have you ever heard a tune, wordless tune, which has brought a lump in your throat because of its tragic beauty, that you try to listen to it again and again so that you might envelope your whole soul into the music, so that your mind is the music itself? Unless you are in love with music, you won't understand what I mean.

A.R. Rahman's music is probably the closest thing to love I have ever experienced. Unsurprisingly, ever since this obsession, I have never had a crush on anyone, ever. All I ever wish is to meet him once and thank him for everything he has given to music, for making my life so much more better.

And here starts another long, long wait for the album Guru to release. I wish I was a Tamilian and lived there to have access to all his creations and understand him. But Rahman is unbeatable in one characteristic, his music can portray emotions even if they are wordless, so language, somehow, is not much of a barrier.

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abhijit 7:51 am, August 16, 2006  

i agree with u there...veer zaara to me was a classic...it was in that movie did we see the truimph of rahmans music....did we hear the sweetness of udit narayan...saw the face of an unknown legend who composed the lyrics long long ago....

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf 1:51 am, May 18, 2008  

Rahman - one artist whom I don't listen to much but still admire a lot. And yes, have Dil Se soundtrack and is nice, no doubt.

Joy Mukherjee and Ranvir Shourie/Shorey/whichever-way-he-spells-it-nowadays are good choices I daresay :P

Was a big SRK fan for most of his early work; can't say the same now, though.

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