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>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

Which on the surface promises not to take much time or space. And then you rethink.
This is Rekaf's contribution to the tag world, something to be pondered over and to remember him by when he passes on to greater things than blogging obsessively.

One thing I truly regret:

Not being able to enjoy my college life till I realized its getting over. Too many holidays. Too many library trips. Too much studying. Too many wanderings. Too many friends. But no college. No joining political parties and pretending one is Mamta Banerjee. No canteen trips and doping and crushes all over the place. No making best friends with Promodda (the canteen owner, a legend in his own right). No being able to tell Johnny Depp lookalike one thinks he is the hottest thing since the real Johnny Depp.

Yes, this is actually all I regret. This is all I have missed.

Take up the tag. Believe me when I say its a difficult one.


A Quest

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

Once upon a time, when I was around fourteen and literally gobbled up stories about little girls who lived happily ever after, I came across one such book in the school library. It was about this ten year old city girl called Elizabeth who shifts to the country after the aunt who looked after her, gets a job someplace else. The book is mostly about how she deals with the country life. She lives there with her two aunts and uncles who insist on calling her Betty, and I also remember a scene where her uncle asks her to describe how roads are laid. Subplots include adventure in a fair with a little girl on her (Betty's) birthday, making butter, and incidents in school. At the end, of course, she decides to live in the country rather than move with her aunt to the big city.

What I am looking for is the book's name. As a 14 year old, I remember crying copious tears over it. Its purely meant for little girls who have nothing better to do than read stories about happily ever afters and ruin their concept of real life. But right now, that is exactly the sort of literature I need. Any help would be much appreciated.


Yet another tag

>> Saturday, May 17, 2008

Which is the best way to fill up some space, come back to blogging and announce that one is sick of Economics and has decided to get married.
Onnesha tagged me a very long time back. I was saving it up for a special occasion as this and so here goes the alphabet soup. In keeping with tradition, I have tried to keep it spontaneous.

A for Ashvin, the first character I ever created.
B for Binomial, the bane of my life.
C for catch, as in bowling and out.
D for desperate, which is what I am feeling now.
E for Emma, and I do not know why.
F for I-usually-try-to-avoid-that-word-here.
G for a friend's name which is the only thing occurring to me right now. We became friends over a porn movie and now he thinks he is my father. Star Wars, I tell you.
H for hila, the only contribution to my vocabulary from high school.
I for illai, the only Tamil word I know.
J for jata, a very frequently used word.
K for Kalua, and this was not supposed to come out.
L for lessee, the only response to every favour asked for.
M for Mimoh. Period.
N for N*Sync, I am trying to bring them back (no comments on my musical taste please)
O for oligopoly, which sounds extremely pornographic to me (what is with examinations that my mind automatically seeks solace in porn?)
P for pale hands I loved beside the Shalimar. Indian love songs. Just read Galahad warn Clarence against them.
Q for Quriosity. My mind is warped. I do not play fair.
R for roddur. Its killing me.
S for Slutsky. I still can not get over the fact that someone was called this and was actually alice through high school.
T for Tao, which is what I have tattooed on my hand along with Latin Square design of experiment and Johnny Depp.
U for unassuming. Which sort of defines me during exam times.
V for Venom. At 18, we could not afford it. At 19, we did not have the time. At 20, we are old women and too mature for discotheques.
W for Wridhiman Saha. I find his name too cute for words.
X for Xerox. I have spent the family fortunes on it.
Y for Yello, the new (cliched?) hello.
Z for Zach Braff. I love him.

What? You actually have not done this tag yet? You are tagged.


>> Sunday, May 04, 2008

Since all I seem to be doing nowadays is thinking and obsessing about new posts to write and I really, really, really have to do well in the pass papers this year or wave that Ph.D. goodbye, have decided to take a sabbatical. Blog remains henceforth shut down till further notice.


It is extremely necessary to write all your answers in POINT FORM

>> Saturday, May 03, 2008

  1. There is supposed to be a blogmeet. Where, no clue. When, no clue. Why, because all our kids will be intermating someday. More on this topic here. If you will be present in Kolkata during May end- June beginning session and connected somehow to the Calcuttan blog world (that, my dear friend, is a necessity) you are pleej to note that you are invited. There are talks of freely flowing booze, and a chance its going to end up being one of those Babylonian orgies Wodehouse used to love talking about. There are also rumours of moo-lah being taken to task for his atrocious behavior towards the next generation bloggers and unfounded comments regarding their sexuality, career prospects and societal status.
  2. I have completely forgotten what the second point was supposed to be. Righteous anger directed against moo-lah makes me forget everything all the time. Oh, yes, now I remember. Chennai is apparently leading. Yay :D Being a staunch Bengali, the first and foremost task of mine is to pretend I am a Tamil changeling and that Chennai is Mecca. Anyway, go Chennai, whatever your name and whoever your IPL owner is.
  3. I realize I should devote a new post to the third topic. It should not be clubbed along with booze, orgies and moo-lah. So please remain all agog and twiddle your thumbs in anguished expectation till the next installment.
  4. I have decided to be the next Pablo Neruda. Considering the fact that I have never written, understood or willingly read a poem, this decision is a brave and commendable one, even if I say so myself. My poetry is supposed to inspire rebellion against suppression which I thought I should mention on early in case everyone fails to understand it. The first poem in question goes
Dear blog world
Why will not you comment on my comment space
Why? Why? Why?
If you are reading this and yet fail to comment
I will poke you in the eye.


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