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>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

Which on the surface promises not to take much time or space. And then you rethink.
This is Rekaf's contribution to the tag world, something to be pondered over and to remember him by when he passes on to greater things than blogging obsessively.

One thing I truly regret:

Not being able to enjoy my college life till I realized its getting over. Too many holidays. Too many library trips. Too much studying. Too many wanderings. Too many friends. But no college. No joining political parties and pretending one is Mamta Banerjee. No canteen trips and doping and crushes all over the place. No making best friends with Promodda (the canteen owner, a legend in his own right). No being able to tell Johnny Depp lookalike one thinks he is the hottest thing since the real Johnny Depp.

Yes, this is actually all I regret. This is all I have missed.

Take up the tag. Believe me when I say its a difficult one.

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Psychedelic 4:53 pm, May 31, 2008  

Your post made me go down the memory lane and actually regret over so many things not done..oh how much i wish i had.... k nevamind.. thanks for the liberty.. i shall be taking up this tag from you :)
oh btw.. i liked yr blog.. can i blogroll you?

Amazing Greys 10:15 pm, May 31, 2008  

same for me, except i went to med school, there was no way my college life would have been fun, even if i had tried, actually my greatest regret is going to med school when i could have gone to some other college & had fun.

Noisy Autist 4:14 pm, June 01, 2008  

You can never have enough of college life...

Macadamia The Nut 1:36 am, June 02, 2008  

Awww! I was just getting over the gloomy aura. Hard to look back and regret at times, no?

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf 11:23 am, June 02, 2008  

You took my tag up? :O :D
Difficult wasn't it? :P
Too many holidays? How can that possibly be bad?

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