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>> Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Knock Knock,
Back to where I belong..
Oh, and in case u don't understand my life motives yet, please do not send the link to this site to my mum, I will probably be abandoned in the blossoming youth of my life...
Not that I always wanted to be a weirdo...
When I was six, I swear I wanted to be a nice, respectable doctor and be a nightclub singer in my breaks..things did not turn out well I suppose, a distaste towards blood grew gradually and I learnt pretty early that if I begin to sing, I will just be adding more patients in my clinic, so a dream blew away...
I was 12 when I decided I should be a journalist. My friend was to be a doctor and sell kidnies and stuff, and I would expose her and become famous overnight (so I was never a very nice girl, so sue me for that).
I was 16-17, when my friend, let her be called SK1, and I decided that we should devote our lives to a finer cause, like serving the poor, meaning us, and be well, not thieves, its a strong word, entrepreneurs, should we say?
And here I am, a student studying the nitty-gritties of Economics and wondering why have I been thus cursed?
Everyone has sad stories to tell..
this is my life..my tragedy..
Who am I?
I am an ad libber....

2 scaly flippers:

Anonymous 10:33 pm, October 05, 2007  

Ur happy sad stories make me wonder ,were u born in a library(kids section of'course)or a museum (rare creatures section)
sorrry cudn't giv my name (forgot my blog password)-for d moment im "in search of light"

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf 1:36 am, May 18, 2008  

Ah so this is how it all came to a start. Hardly nothing now, and I'm sure you'll agree.

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