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>> Sunday, January 06, 2008

One of the few facts I have managed to retain from long forgotten History lessons is that Akbar was made Emperor at the tender young age of 13 and until he came of age, Bairam Khan, his general, ruled on his behalf. Possibly, all it does purport to mean is, fifty years down the line, Gowarikar's son might be casting Hrithik's grandson in the lead role of his movie Bilawal-(enter future wife's name here), with A.R. Rahman's son giving music rehashed from his father's incomplete works. It might also mean the Mughal empire was a democracy and one failed to understand it.

The only fact one can grasp here is, here is a 19 year old, with an entire country's reins falling into his laps, and here is another, musing on what the young inheritor's mother might have meant? What Times of India (yes, I proudly and unflinchingly proclaim I read it, and actually read Calcutta Times before heading for the headlines, if at all) displays boldly as a quotable quote has me fumbling for answers. What did the Benazir Bhutto mean when she said Democracy is the best revenge? Revenge against what? And why revenge? Would not it have been easier focusing on a few salient issues like actually bringing in the democracy for the betterment of the countrymen and countrywomen?

Then again, I never did really understand politics and possibly all the hidden agendas elude my flighty little brain. For how can I possibly deny the whole Bhutto tragedy caught my eye because

1)Bilawal Bhutto is hot. Period.
2) My young, inexperienced life has not seen many assassinations and one so close home always generates excitement.

God bless her soul though. She might have treated the idea of being killed philosophically, but it must have been rather a nasty surprise.

When Shakespeare did say what's in a name, he must have said it in an unthoughtful, unreflective moment, possibly just after giving a series of autographs and wondering how good a name Rob Ray would have been. For there is something about the name Akbar which makes the beholder of the name greater than mere mortals. Though the original Akbar did shy away from forcing his own religion upon his subjects, one of the few things he abstained from, his namesake, Akbar Khan, however, can apparently do anything. He is planning to re release Taj Mahal. Some kind of a Valentine's Day surprise to the unsuspecting world. Of course, all this might be a stepping stone to greater deeds like Ram Gopal Varma releasing a director's cut of RGV ki Aag as a Halloween surprise or on the death anniversary of Veerappan.Which might lead to the sales of a special DVD collection of Fardeen Khan's earlier movies. One fears the worse and actually goes on to wondering whether this might all lead to a Tushar Kapoor starring Yash Chopra movie, but one remains hopeful.

A.R. Rahman turns another year older today. I will always revere the man. For creating the two most perfect pieces of music ever. Parts of two separate songs. But when confronted with it, one does realize what perfection is. For then it does make you feel how absolutely small you are. How completely insignificant. And how wonderfully lucky. For some very curious reason, Bhojpuri movies make me feel the same way. As if in the presence of some greater god. Or perhaps the Messiah of a long lost, dignified, reawakened religion. Perfection, again, is such a subjective topic.

I bring in the New Year, as usual, with forgotten resolutions and a horrible tummy ache from over eating. Realization also strikes that 3 a.m. in the morning is not the time to churn out my thoughts in form of a blog post. What should have been random is strangely confessional (I did not mean to admit that despite Greatbong's tirade, Bhojpuri movies still hold a compelling fascination for me) and that is never a very comfortable thought to go to sleep with.

Good night, blog world.

Book today: The Story Girl, L.M. Montgomery ( compelling, beautiful and an indelible part of girlhood)
Movie today: Lawrence of Arabia (good, but long. Makes the watching rather arduous for someone who is not much into war movies. Probably means I have no taste)

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zahid 12:00 pm, January 06, 2008  

Yash chopra movie with tushar kapoor My god !!! That would in itelf be a sensational achievement ...err for tushar kapoor !!! Hey but why are we always unfair to tushar yaar !!! ?? And just hope ram gopal verma doesnt make a remake of his own ram gopal verma ki aag !!!

P.S : do check up some day how many fans does tushar kapoor have on orkut !!!

Bubbles of FireWhisky 12:53 pm, January 06, 2008  

yash chopra and tusshar kapoor... wow... i think my brain jst had a meltdwn... [:O]

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? 2:09 pm, January 06, 2008  

"When Shakespeare did say what's in a name, he must have said it in an unthoughtful, unreflective moment, possibly just after giving a series of autographs".....

This tells me Literature's loss is Economics' gain.


I am still grinning.....

Doubletake, Doublethink. 7:04 pm, January 06, 2008  

so FINALLY someone realises why bilawal bhutto is of more utmost importance to class twelve political science students than the impending fate of pakistan.

thank you. i love your kindredness.

Abhishek... inside out 11:24 pm, January 06, 2008  

What's there in a name?
and I haven't been giving away autographs, does that make me great?

?My friends challenged me with the reviews of Aag. I count watching it in one sitting as an achievement. Its as big an achievement for me as watching Aapka Surroor at once.

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ 1:25 pm, January 07, 2008  

"She might have treated the idea of being killed philosophically, but it must have been rather a nasty surprise."


The Ancient Mariner 3:57 am, January 08, 2008  

"yes, I proudly and unflinchingly proclaim I read it, and actually read Calcutta Times before heading for the headlines, if at all"

Well to tell you the truth i am a fellow con doing the same too![:P]

over all a nice compilation... trying your hand at being a bit serious eh? whatever i liked your shortened posts. to the point and pulling out a smile at the corners of the lips.

ArSENik 4:28 am, January 08, 2008  

If rumors are to be believed, Bilawal has been engaged to Musharraf's teenage daughter for the 'sake of Pakistan's future'. Sorry to break your heart Ad Libber. I also hear that Rani and Adi's unborn child Yuvraj Chopra is already writing the script for a film about the two soon-to-be-weds. He is in talks with SRK's son to do an item number in it apart from a gray role for Abhiwarya's progeny Sallu Bachhan, much like the role and beard of his grandfather in Aag. Music is to be provided by BappiDa's grandson, who proclaims it to be his homage to Rehman. Ravi Kishen, soon to be the Godfather of Bhojpuri cinema, will be making a guest appearance in the film.

ad libber 11:10 pm, January 08, 2008  

you are a prophet.

@the ancient mariner
I am never serious
and TOI is so wonderfully absurd


I repeat again, you are a superhero

@doubletake, doublethink
What is more important in this world than hot, young politicians?

oh no, its just Economics' loss through and through

wait till arsenik's prediction comes true

I think I will, there is a world utterly unexplred there in orkut communities.

dreamy 12:44 am, January 09, 2008  

You're right, hes hot downright.

I am SO glad now.At least I am not the only one. I mean one glance into the screaming newspaper and what catches my eye?..that guy has very nice eye-brows.

You blog is a very commendable read at 1.AM in the morning.

And I think I headbanged after reading Arsenik's comment.

Meghna 6:14 pm, January 09, 2008  

Hi Ritika,
I'm new here but I love your blog. it's so much fun reading it! Love your style of writing too.
Eh, I'm nit sure I heard you correct. A tusshar starring Yash Chopra film. That'd be strange! But I suppose I'd want to watch it:D
Keep writing cause I'll keep reading. Actually, can't wait to come back here!

Zii 9:03 pm, January 10, 2008  

Scabbed Pimple. That is like "Mummy, mummy my ice cream fell off from the cone." Hmm.

I'll tell you..I dont think she is dead.

Macadamia The Nut 3:37 am, January 12, 2008  

Beautiful thinking! I loved your flow of thought!

the girl with a zillion namesakes 9:34 am, January 12, 2008  

when shakespeare did say whats in a name he must have said it in an unthoughtful, unreflective moment...

and i will not even rant about how much i hate my name

and somehow all hot guys are younger to me
good for pakistan though thy could do with a good looking PM

Poojo C. 11:38 pm, January 13, 2008  

The Tushar Kapoor bit was scary. Let's hope that does not quite come to pass.

I did not think of Bilawal as being hot till I reached your blog. Wonder why? He is quite hot. Maybe I'm just too old and ancient now. Akbar may be more my type. :P

hobgoblin 8:27 am, January 14, 2008  

ha ur funny. random rants sometimes make the best posts. :)

onnesha 11:47 pm, January 20, 2008  

i mean what she meant by 'revenge' is that she intended to usurp dictatorial forces from pakistan,totally obliviate it.having achieved that she probably wished to seek vengeance.

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