A Hurried Update

>> Monday, August 18, 2008

Have been country-hopping a bit lately. The world is a very nice place with amazing things to look at, wonder at, and glare at. But you can not do much about it cooped up in rooms with computers and air conditioners.

Had a very rushed week at Mumbai. Managed to see a couple of roads and the airport. The only journeys I had involved me falling asleep on my way to anywhere. Hope to see more of the city soon, but what with this, that and brooding over the future, will probably have to put it off. The best part about the trip was that it helped in making a decision. The city, as wondrous and mysterious as it is, is not very kindred to aspiring pseudo- economists. Hence, it is removed from list of cities I can haunt next.

Also, Fish Faced Follies completed two years on August the fifteenth. As someone once said, have cake.

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Zii 10:07 am, August 18, 2008  

had forgotten thy existence! how are we?
What kind of cake?

Noisy Autist 10:07 am, August 18, 2008  

interesting. so now at some instant three of my favorite Kolkata bloggers are in mumbai... and none of them actually loving the place :P

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ 10:37 am, August 18, 2008  

ohh no no...bombay be very very nice......Its the only city which reminds me of calcutta.

And will have cake. :-)

What's In A Name ? 12:33 pm, August 18, 2008  

cake? when ?

Scribblers Inc 8:23 pm, August 18, 2008  

oho!!congrats!!another stalwart of the bloggerati I say!!:D

Scribblers Inc.

the girl with a zillion namesakes 9:23 pm, August 18, 2008  

somehow everyone is getting to go to mumbai except me :'(
and happy birthday to fish faced follies

Doubletake, Doublethink. 5:41 pm, August 19, 2008  

*has cake*


Akasuna no Sasori 3:48 am, August 20, 2008  

Congrats on the 2 year thing......

Abhishek... inside out 3:41 pm, August 20, 2008  

happy birthday fish faced follies!
to fish faced follier:
blog on!

inihos 10:33 am, August 22, 2008  

bombay is nice...though i cant comment on its suitability for economists...

ad libber 1:39 am, August 23, 2008  

i) any kind of cake. I could hardly presume to judge your cake tastes.

ii)Mumbai is nice. I was referring to universities solely.

iii)FFF says thanks adn preens itself with glee.

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