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>> Friday, August 08, 2008

Apparently, dinner parties are not hosted to give one a chance to practice their incinerating skills. Hosts tend to look askance at guests who forage toothpicks from the appetizers and burn them on floating candles. Yelling "Burn, you heathen, burn" and jumping up and down excitedly is also not advised. It is little things like these which make parents dub you as an anti social and talk about psychiatrists in hushed tones.

Being a final year student abruptly changes your life. The subject stops seeming like something you decided to take a vacation with before finding your niche in the world. Companies actually attempt to provide us with jobs without blanching inwardly. Everyone around you looks younger, and teachers and students fall back comfortably into a back-slapping relationship. This is the right time to call yourself an adult. Unless you are doodling tornadoes in your notebook while your professor gives you a lecture mostly wandering around the topic "You are the future."

Hence, having kept aside everything I love the most, days and night are spent mostly on oil, oil prices, inflation, more oil, cartels, complaining incessantly about why hair styling prices rise with rise in price of oil, interviewing rich, snooty people, even more oil, and discussing with bus conductors what they think the political impact of oil price rise is. As fascinating as the exercise is, all it seems to lead to is frayed nerves, an impatient attitude towards oil in general, and a hatred towards buses in particular.

So, on days not spent wondering about oil, we take photographs. Which I will now proceed to unveil to the discriminating public, for one of them (the pictures, not the discriminating public) is very dear to my heart, namely,

which is the dearest view on earth. You are viewing Presidency, from my secret spot.

The world viewed from under an umbrella is a very beautiful place. Specially when its three people under a very purple umbrella and you are walking on a very unknown road to a very known destination.

The known destination. Accompanied by very buttery pao bhaji and what seems like people shooting a Bhojpuri movie.

And how such trips are destined to end.

Being a senior is turning out to be a most interesting experience. Though random thoughts about burning toothpicks in Indian Economy classes require to be quelled. Specially since they do not provide us with floating candles.

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aandthirtyeights 9:06 am, August 08, 2008  

Being a senior is even more fun when people around you go, "Dude, have you downloaded any new formats for your CV? I hear there's a site..."

And you reply, "I don't know, da. CV and all... Maybe I'll dabble a bit, in the arts, y'know - theatre, music..."

And just watch their face. Now that is fun!

What's In A Name ? 9:24 am, August 08, 2008  

And this would be your oil-crisis post ???

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ 12:19 am, August 09, 2008  

Totally agree to the senior-teacher backslapping relationship.

But I really like what you right,its hilariously miserable all the time.

But you are the future,toh!!!!!!

Aphrodite 8:05 pm, August 09, 2008  

oho....u a eco student....whts with all the oil price references...?

dreamy 3:21 pm, August 11, 2008  

This post reminds me exactly what I was feeling one year back.

It has also left me feeling very old. :|

Sam 8:55 pm, August 13, 2008  

lolzzzz... u made me smile.. btw, that angle seems to be towards Baker Hall. only i wonder how did u find it??

Akasuna no Sasori 8:46 pm, August 14, 2008  

No mention of MS apps? During my final year that was the second biggest issue after job hunts - d'yu get the scores across? How's the SOP? What should I say to this prof etc.?

vanilla sky 9:57 am, August 16, 2008  

I love the ambience in the dinner party- toothpick, floating candles

And yor second paragraph is what they call harsh reality. The Jane tu tagline should be restructured as 'When do you know its time to grow up?'

Poojo C. 10:55 pm, August 16, 2008  

I love the under-the-very-purple-umbrella picture.

ad libber 9:25 pm, August 17, 2008  

Considering the college I come from, such a response is not wholly unexpected. What would surprise them is the fact that one might do something as hollow as an mba.

@I am doing projects on that damned thing. Now you want me to waste precious blogspace on that :O

So are you :D
Do you feel scared now?

Yes, I am an eco student.

I have been feeling old ever since the juniors arrived.

answered :P

@akasuna no sasori
No, what we do have is something more complicated and confused. But I do not start ranting about it until December.

@vanilla sky
If I remember the movie, the only grown up thing they ever did was get married. Never ever worried about the future. Is there any proper college movie anywhere?


ru 10:49 pm, September 22, 2008  

maths building rooftop na? how secret?

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