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>> Thursday, December 04, 2008

If you
a) have the time
b)live in the same timezone as I do
c) own a TV
which actually does have
i) Zee Studio

they will be airing BBC's Pride and Prejudice at 10:30 PM tomorrow night. Do try to catch it, if only for the only believable Darcy cinema has ever been able to produce.

4 scaly flippers:

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf 12:35 pm, December 05, 2008  


PS. Aficionado? Now I know that it's no connoisseur, but are you that snobby? :P

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ 8:01 pm, December 05, 2008  

Zee studio always has better movies airing!! star movies even provides subtitles..haha,now tahts funny..!!

dreamy 3:16 am, December 06, 2008  

I.Don't.Have.a.Tv :((

inihos 8:44 am, December 06, 2008  

don't have TV either...and is it the keira knightley pride and prejudice?? because I remember also having seen this age old b/w pride and prejudice

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