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I have been tagged, and by tagged, I mean properly tagged and not a tag stolen from someone else's blog. Though originally tagged in Facebook, I prefer limiting tags to blogs, where no one really knows me and therefore, would not bring it up against me next time we meet. The tagger, Vanilla Sky, defines this tag as

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

  1. If I stare at a person long enough, listen to their conversation and not say a word, the person eventually ends up betraying all their innermost secrets to me. I attribute this to an unwavering stare. Blackmail, therefore, is a very effective career option.
  2. I adore shoes. I buy them in hordes. But the only shoe I ever wear is a very worn out pair of 'Ketoes'.
  3. I get very excited at the sight of policemen, police jeeps, police stations or vans carrying criminals. I do not know why. My mum thinks that is the reason I happily lose my identity cards.
  4. I am possibly the only person on earth who has sprained a foot while dancing to 'Safety Dance'.
  5. My favourite sort of movies are musicals, specially the type where things are bound to end happily and the songs are popular ditties. Sweeney Todd does not fall under this category. Nor does High School Musical.
  6. The only time I have had a crush on a real person (defined as people you actually know and who know you back and you have conversations and hang out in general) was when I lost a classmate's pen and he laughed when I tried to apologize for it. By the end of three years, I had begun to dislike him intently for trying to steal my thunder.
  7. I have elaborate dream sequences, most of which would make very gripping thrillers. The last one was a murder of a newly wed man and Bobby Deol happened to be the detective in charge. He goes and asks the bride if she had had something silvery grasped in her palms at the time of death and whether the victim was humming to himself at that moment. The bride opens her palms to see a silver foil attached to it. It was clearly the defining moment. Then the alarm bell rang. I hate my alarm very, very much.
  8. I am a terribly messy person. The sort of person who would not clean her bed and would rather sleep on the mess, and, if the mess happens to be uncomfortable, on the floor. But I am obsessed about clean sinks. I often spend my time in dinner parties cleaning the sink.
  9. I never understand the business section of the paper. I blame it on the Economics degree. Everything works completely against all the laws proposed.
  10. I have a maroon top. If I wear it and it rains, the umbrella turns inside out and I get soaked. It is uncanny.
  11. The first actor I ever fell in love with was Rupert Grint. The fact that Ronald Weasley and I shared birthdays just proved the fact that we were soulmates.
  12. My favourite word is 'preposterous'. As a nineteen year old, one of my deepest wishes was to become a princess, and say preposterous all the time while randomly ordering people to be beheaded, not unlike the Queen of Hearts.
  13. I think Anne Hathaway has the most beautiful smile ever.
  14. The Air India Maharajah scares me.
  15. The more I see of Dustin Hoffman, the more I like him. I really wish to see him in Death of a Salesman, a very favourite play of mine.
  16. The English Patient is the only book/movie combo I like, rather, admire and love, despite the fact they both are very different.
  17. I wish to dress up as a witch someday, get dressed in floating, flowing, wispy clothes and cackle.
  18. The only people I bond very well with are twelve year old girls. They immediately like me and say I am the nicest person they have ever known. Not many people say that. The world needs more twelve year old girls to be a happier place.
  19. If I ever write a novel, I want it to be a tragedy. Everyone in it must die lonely, painful, lingering deaths. There will also be a family ghost, a woman with a haunted past and a retired acrobat. They will all die too. Except for the family ghost, since it is already dead.
  20. I have an Oscar acceptance speech prepared.
  21. I often wake up in the middle of the night due to sheer panic. Most of these are caused by the fact that I have forgotten whether Obama is republican or democrat, the meaning of allegory or whether I had cleaned the sink before sleeping. Whenever this happens, I end up sweeping.
  22. I want a hat. A floppy, large brimmed hat with grapes on it. I will distribute grapes from it to people I meet.
  23. I chew my hair when distressed. It is not very good for the hair.
  24. I love it when I find some of my favourite songs in movie soundtracks. Like Saif singing Heartbreak Hotel in Parineeta. Or More Than a Feeling being played in Madagascar 2.
  25. I believe the best entrance ever in a movie was made by Akshay Kumar in Tashan. Yes, I have watched Tashan. I watch everything. Except Ghajini.

I am still rather surprised by the fact that I have finished this. I tag everyone who has not done this but wants to.

4 scaly flippers:

Hatturi Hanzo 2:20 am, March 11, 2009  

hohohohohohohoho....orebabare.... hohohohohohohoho(poton o murchha)

vanilla sky 8:34 am, March 11, 2009  

Anne Hathaway has the most beautiful smile and lovely hair too.
I do a lot of talk show rehearsals by myself.
I sprain my foot even wearing Hawaii chappals .
You're too obsessed with sink, it seems !

Devdeep 10:22 am, March 11, 2009  

I am sure there must be several more random stuff about you. In fact you can write a book on your random rantings. Every new edition will have completely different set of rantings

Poojo C. 2:27 pm, March 11, 2009  

I have a blue top like your maroon top. Everytime I wear it in the monsoons, it rains like a motherfucker. The 26th July rains in Mumbai - it was that top to blame.

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