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>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The blog, you see, has been discovered. A senior stands up, looks accusingly, points a finger and asks, you are the one who blogs, are not you? I go through the usual routing of blushing profusely, trying to remember if I wrote anything remotely insulting about them recently and wondering if denying it stoutly really works.

It does not.

The crux of the matter is I shall have to be slightly careful about what I write. Not that I expect him to return, but we are economists, we talk a lot about risk and take none. So there will be less of college bashing and more of general topics like the weather, or death, or how I think the person who lives opposite my room could be an alien.

I have seen him disappear sometimes. Mostly when I am trying to stalk him. Could be a trick of light, could be the fact that I am half blind without my spectacles. Does not deter me from the fact that he could be an alien. Or perhaps a ghost.

One promises a better post, once one is done weeping profusely in corridors, finding some latent love for economics and finding out more about the alien classmate. But one has to leave and give mid sems in three days.

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Crepuscule Colour 7:11 pm, September 16, 2009  

Heh.. your blog has been discovered. I'd like to see how that feels like, you know. My blog is still not real enough for me.. :D

By the way, I really think he will return.. but that's just me. Dunno.

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ 8:54 pm, September 16, 2009  

Alien neighbours are not really uncommon.Especially considering that most of us are descandants of aliens

dreamy 1:23 pm, September 20, 2009  

All ze best :)

Nirmalya 9:18 pm, September 21, 2009  

One of the most stylisitcally brilliant of your posts, I think.

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