Damn My Cursed Memory

>> Friday, February 29, 2008

Dreamy tagged me. Of course, she has no way to know I have never remembered anything for more than ten minutes at a go. So, most of the input which was supposed to be remembered is remembered by my mother. She is the guest author of this post.

Life Ten years ago:

From what she remembers, I was gawky, awkward, shy and tongue ties with mostly everyone. Of course, she willingly and unnecessarily adds, I have not shown much change since then. I wanted to be a singer by night and doctor by day. My life revolved around mathematics, my best friend and molding mud into cakes. I used to decorate them with leaves and grounded brick powder. It all used to smell wonderful. Life was also about shared lunches where nine or ten giggly girls would sit around and discuss the comparative advantage of Punjabi pickles over Marwari pickles over Bengali pickles. To my unrefined tastes, Marwari pickles always used to win uncontested. Bengali kuler achar (I can not translate this into anything remotely English), as divine as it is, could never match up.

Life five years ago:

I was fat. That used to take the fun out of most things. Life was mostly about how torturous Physics is and how much one scored in Biology on ten marks. The impending Boards exam failed to scare me. The effeminate classmate I thought I was hopelessly in love with did. Marwari pickles still formed a huge part of my life. There was also a personal diary which was full of so much sentiment, I ended up throwing it out once I entered college. Also started writing poetry. Stopped next year.

Life tomorrow.

Will try to turn 20 without getting into hysterics (OK, yeah, tomorrow is my birthday :D. That is the entire purpose of this post anyway)

Five locations I would love to run away to.
(Ordered by accessibility)

  • Presidency Botany Department corridor
  • Lakshadweep
  • Corfu
  • Random African jungle
  • P. E. Island
Five bad habits I have.
(I do not consider biting nails as a bad habit. It is a necessary condition for existence)

  • The fact that I cannot sit down for a meal without knocking down a random glass. My favourite eatery refuses to serve me water anymore.
  • I keep on complaining about the dissatisfying shape of my nose. However, not much nowadays. I realize I have to marry Bilawal Bhutto anyway. Which obviously means I will be heading the country some day. For that, one needs an authoritative nose. Indira Gandhi and I own the same nose.
  • I cannot laugh before examinations without getting hysterical and end up laughing for half an hour straight for no reason why.
  • I go to sleep at 6 in the morning. I wake up at 2 in the afternoon. My mum is thinking of disowning me.
  • I am scared of everything.

Five things I will never wear.

  • Something pink.
  • Gold.
  • Navel ring (someone told me it itches a lot)
  • Heels more than 2 inches long ( I can not afford to tower above the remaining male population)
  • Rings
Five biggest joys at this moment.

  • I painted my toes green and chrome. It looks ugly, but very satisfying.
  • Conversations with Bonky
  • My hair is longer. I do not look any more like a boy who tried to give himself a crew cut. Now I look like the boy who forgot to have his hair cut.
  • I have lost both my glasses. Now I can walk down anywhere I like to without having to recognize people. I can always say I could not see them.
  • I am off to buy more clothes.
Something to achieve by next year

An aim. I cannot just live in frivolity for the rest of my life. More is the pity.

Something that impacted me last year

The hospital tenure. I realized in those ten days that I was making many wrong choices. Now making different wrong choices. But not the same ones.

What will I miss about 2007


Five things I want to do before I die

There are a hundred. The most important one is to learn to raise one eyebrow. The others are either too insignificant, or too sacred.

I tag Abhishek, doubletake, doublethink, Mac the nut, Kaushik, Na. Su. Krishnan, Speedpost, the new age scheherazade and The ancient mariner.

20 scaly flippers:

Bubbles of FireWhiskey 2:39 pm, February 29, 2008  

happy birthday in advance... you share it with my cousin sister incidentally...

and im still fat and marwari pickles are a main ingredient in my life. lolz @ "The fact that I cannot sit down for a meal without knocking down a random glass. My favourite eatery refuses to serve me water anymore."

"I realized in those ten days that I was making many wrong choices. Now making different wrong choices. But not the same ones." amen to that!!!

zahid 3:34 pm, February 29, 2008  

Oh...Oh good god !!! Lotys of information sold on this post !!!
Loved most of it....Of your humour !!!

dreamy 8:03 pm, February 29, 2008  

Happy birthday :D

Lovely post as usual. :)

[but why the botany department?!]

Ishtaar 9:58 pm, February 29, 2008  

Happy Birthday!!!! Hopefully by the time you read this it will be your birthday. 0 has no value so you're still 2 years old. You'll be a teenager again in another 11 years :)
I didn't come up with that one, a ten year old explained it to me.

Doubletake, Doublethink. 11:09 pm, February 29, 2008  

i love this tag, and what you did with it (the others were, erm, terrifyingly gloomy)

i'm terrible at introsepection. but now that the boards are on the time is right. so the next big gap i get, i'll do it :)

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? 1:24 am, March 01, 2008  

firstly, HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Birthday!!!!!! Blow out all those candles with a good, measured and prolonged fffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. :)

secondly, nail biting ? a bad habit? never. We agree on that.

thirdly, I wish you your realization of your 'aim' this year only at the assurance that you are not going to leave blogging, thinking its too lowly for enlightened people with a purpose in life.

fourthly, I wish I recognize you in the crowd someday.

fifthly, some people MUST NEVER grow old. You are one of them. So, don't you rue your spent-'teenage'.

sixthly, Cheers!!! I am learning to cmmnt too! :D

ArSENik 3:42 am, March 01, 2008  

Heppy Budday. You are probably the only person I know (assuming I know you) who thinks they would miss teenage life. The twenties suck. It's fraught with forks in the road, albeit coupled with the excitement that the decisions are entirely yours. You'll love it here.

Raising an eyebrow is of course an art, but you will get it with practice. I, of course, have a PhD in it. Plus, the sideburns help with feeling it deep inside.

PS: Bangali pickles suck, probably because of our immense sweet tooth, but I could die for a wisp of that sweet Mango thing with Gud right now, even though I don't eat mangoes.

Abhishek... inside out 12:02 pm, March 01, 2008  

marwari pickles rock!
i'm elder to you! :D
you actually thought i was worth tagging! *sob* *sob* yeh khushi ke aansu hain
good post
and lastly (just to change the trend, i put this at the end)

Zii 12:34 pm, March 01, 2008  

as for me,
life 5 years ago: i was fat
life now: i am still fat.


Amazing Greys 8:28 pm, March 01, 2008  

lol, the 5 biggest joys were just so great! unique really. and is it your b'day today? then Happy Birthday fellow piscean.

Noisy Autist 3:23 pm, March 02, 2008  

hm. happy birthday, belated though.

Royal Bengal Tigress 7:56 pm, March 02, 2008  

Happy (belated ) Birthday!
Corfu because of "My Family and Other Animals"?

Standbymind 11:48 pm, March 02, 2008  

HAppy Bday!!!!!!!!!!


party sharty?

ad libber 2:44 am, March 03, 2008  

Thank you :)

marwari pickles and nails form a wonderful cuisine

information (gets paranoid)

they have got all this plants and things to decorate the place, and a couple of dead frogs. But the overall effect is very nice. And no one ever goes there.

10 year old are too profound

@doubletake, doublethink
yes, you certainly are in a very favourable period for introspection

yay, hi-five :D

I have only liked the tetuler achar in bengali pickles mostly. And I dont want to take decisions. I will probably get them all wrong.
Does curling your upper lip count?

there, there, it will be ok

ahem, same here

@amazing greys
is yours imminent or gone?

yes, spot on.

no party. even lesser sharty. Just mostly wondering how to stop time.

inihos 10:04 pm, March 03, 2008  

happie budday!!!

(and haflong is better than what they show in the movie...there's a pic on my blog of it)

ArSENik 2:08 am, March 06, 2008  

Curling your upper lip is too crass an action when compared to raising an eyebrow, to be considered an art.

Na.Su.Krishnan 12:04 pm, March 06, 2008  

Hey..Missed reading your post for about a month..Very bad from my side.Will catch up soon & do the tag too. Thanks for tagging me.

onnesha 10:17 pm, March 13, 2008  

five things u wud never wear sounded eerily like mine.
however even if i were to try pink,the rest will never be seen on me.

speedpost 3:34 pm, March 14, 2008  

Thanks for tagging me...did it finally... physically and mentally exhausting....

Smelling oranges on winter afternoons 3:42 pm, April 07, 2008  

:)) Green and chrome polish would go very well with baby pink dress with tiny gold flowers... you should try everything once. And Presi Botany corridor, or any corridor of Presi for that matter... what would I not give to haunt them once again!!! (I was in English btw.)

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