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>> Friday, April 25, 2008

After having harried me since time immemorial to stop making her feel as if she gave birth to a blob, my mother has finally succeeded in making me agree to early morning walks. This fact should do no credit to her, since the only reason I do go for walks is that I do not feel like Mathematics after 5 a.m. in the morning and I never can go to sleep until the rest of the world sharing my timezone has awoken and arisen.

Morning walks, though a rage among most health advisers, is an extremely lonely undertaking. A person resorts to it only after he is past his first, second and sometimes third youth. And they all seem to severely disapprove if a person boasting of less mature years, wisdom and looks invades their territory. An ensemble of eyebrows raise themselves to frown upon walking attire, headbanging ( Any sort of rock is a thing of awful beauty during early hours, specially when accompanied by chirping birds, against whom I have a special dislike) and random trippings along any sort of uneven roads, stones, rocks and invisible barriers. Icy looks are all a part of the thinning process in this part of the world.

Morning walks are also devoid of any sort of guys. I do not even ask for cute. But anyone who is remotely dateable seem to while away their entire mornings sleeping, unmindful of the fact that their probable soulmate is taking headbanging morning walks along one of the most beautiful and romantic settings possible, happily wondering what is for breakfast.

The best thing about early mornings are yellow flowers. They are present everywhere. They dot most trees, they lay strewn about on every path and you often end up sweeping them away from the bathroom floor after the mandatory shower. They freshen up the warmest of mornings and brighten the dreariest of streets. Not that streets look dreary. An young sun, dew bathed roads, a dimmed moon somewhere out there in the skies, and sometimes, while changing music in the player, the drunken calm of day create a vivid, joyous, exhilarating world, challenged, perhaps, only by the magic of midnights.

There is also the joys of the inebriate's walk, as I have named it. All it involves is finding the oddest and the narrowest of by lanes, and taking random turns whenever possible, making the way home more circuitous, more adventurous and more beautiful. The prettiest of homes, the oddest of colours, the brightest of gardens, all seem to be tucked away in hidden corners, unseen by people who come looking for them, awaiting to surprise walkers in search of a reason to keep on walking, and desired by the very people who plan to move to Antartica given a chance (Onnesha, take a bow).

The bare truth is, I have fallen in love with these walks of mine. They do not harrow my soul any more. They do not seem to do my blobness any good, but they soothe the frayed nerves of mine after an intense mathematical session. My soul is a walker's soul now, and I will never be able to find delight in the joys of driving. Then again, a walker never killed a stag. Walkers just remain walkers at bay.

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~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ 1:56 am, April 26, 2008  

Hehehe,Guys would rather sleep than go for long morning walks... :-P!!

Macadamia The Nut 4:08 am, April 26, 2008  

Most people have forgotten the joy of walking. Stopping to smell the flowers has become a mere cliche me thinks... I love running! It gives me such a huge rush, i'm kind of addicted to it now... woohoo! :D

crystal claire 5:51 am, April 26, 2008  

I am not sure I would like walking. But early mornings are decidedly the favorite part of my day.

In fact I was reading your during this time of the day and your description is just beautiful.

This is just another of those quirky co-incidences when I finished writing a post on early mornings and stumbled across your blog to find a post on similar lines. :)

crystal claire 5:52 am, April 26, 2008  

your post*

Bubbles of FireWhiskey 9:43 am, April 26, 2008  

i love walking... to college, to the cafe, along the ARI institute to reach the little hill behind it... it calms me somehow and helps me put things into perspective...

oh but i do see a lot of NCC cadets... and if i'm lucky, one or two of them are cute...

vanilla sky 11:46 am, April 26, 2008  

"finding the oddest and the narrowest of by lanes, "
--so very true!!
talking of guys, you may not find them on the road as such, but i come across many of them in grounds and most recently taking their driving lessons in the not so busy roads !

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? 12:34 pm, April 26, 2008  

See, you can present such everyday trivialities like a 'morning walk' in all its resplendent glory, in such beautiful words and one has to chase you with a sledge-hammer to make you write and post. Such a howling shame!!!

But this post is a real beauty!! Makes me consider writing of my morning travails of a long long time ago.

"An young sun, dew bathed roads, a dimmed moon somewhere out there in the skies, and sometimes, while changing music in the player, the drunken calm of day create a vivid, joyous, exhilarating world, challenged, perhaps, only by the magic of midnights." excellent. graceful.

but like always you must put a annoying little detail which makes for jumping eyebrows, - this horrific 'head-banging' business in the morning.
Incongruous! Disgraceful!

onnesha 6:37 pm, April 26, 2008  

and i hereby take a bow
i can totally reckon with most things you para is known for its nice roads.with pretty buildings and trees adorning it on both sides.but the guys,sigh,dont ever turn up.some do,sigh,but are too polluting for the eyes.
and you dont like listening to birds chirping?i find it sacrilegeous to listen to rock music while walking when you could soak silence in.

dreamy 11:10 pm, April 26, 2008  

This is such a nice and wonderful post. By the way, where do you stay? Rather..where do you walk the morning walk?

Amazing Greys 2:49 pm, April 27, 2008  

come walking in the evening (that's when i do), sure no cute guys (only old people) but its nice, in a melancholy & sad kind of way.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? 5:54 pm, April 27, 2008  

The last line does it, here too.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? 5:55 pm, April 27, 2008  

sorrey re. era beads-er cmmnt chhilo.

Vinesh 8:40 pm, April 27, 2008  

Just mention the time and place you walk on this blog.

Change will happen.. like.. tomorrow!

onnesha 8:43 pm, April 28, 2008  

hahaha.things i wud do to get comments like the above one:D

Poojo C. 10:43 pm, April 28, 2008  

"Then again, a walker never killed a stag." -- Never thought of it like that.

You really are selling the "Walking" concept through this post.

I hope that some cute youth reads this post and decides to give you company on one of your future morning walks. Then we can hope for a post on that too :)

Doubletake, Doublethink. 6:12 pm, May 01, 2008  

you've made me start missing southern avenue.

i shall start walking again. eventually.

Angry Voices 7:03 am, May 03, 2008  

"an ensemble of eyebrows" =))

Makes me wonder why we keep ourselves cooped up all day long under those glares anyway.

ArSENik 4:21 am, May 15, 2008  

Walk hard, woman, walk hard.

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