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>> Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I do, I do! :D

I have, as is obvious, decided to collect tags the way people collect stamps, coins, butterflies, weight and notches on the bedpost. This is Doubletake's contribution to the Tiggery Pokery (which is what I have decided to name my collection) and she is duly thanked and wept on.

4 Jobs I’ve had (in chronological order):
As 2 year old, was responsible for getting my dad the paper. Yes, I was the family puppy. Overcome by the fact that I was actually given a responsibility, I crawled all the way into the chair and still have the scar to show for my efforts.
As a 3 year old, my mum made me watch over my sister. I watched her fall right off the bed. People keep on alluding to that incident.
As a 20 year old, my friends send me to get photocopies done. I am also responsible for dividing the food bill so that I am the only one who does not have to pay the VAT.

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
My Fair Lady
Pulp Fiction
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Dr. Strangelove

4 Places I have lived in (in order) :
I distinctly remember answering this in some other tag.

4 TV shows I like
Hope and Faith
That's So Raven (Does Disney count?)

4 favourite foods:

Vada Pao
Aam ka achaar
Fried chicken
Chocolate Cake

4 Places I would rather be:
Right now?
At Pingu's place, with friends, food and lots of tears and laughters and playing with barbie dolls.
With my mentor, being comforted and told that life sucks and I should get married. Thats his solution to everything. Even when I tell him that I burnt Maggi.
My library. I realize I have seven books due. For more than 15 days. And I keep on forgetting to call them up to reissue.
At Ladakh. Away. Happy.

4 People I am tagging:

Hate doing this. Everyone is tagged.

11 scaly flippers:

Sam 7:59 am, June 24, 2008  

waddaya mean everyone is tagged??
nice tag though.. especially the job part!!

Amazing Greys 9:52 am, June 24, 2008  

haha... at least studying economics gave you an added advantage when you're dividing the food bill (or did it?)
this tag does seem vaguely similar to something we all have done before.

What's In A Name ? 10:50 am, June 24, 2008  

2 line liktey 2 ghonta....tarpor to esh gor gor kore likhey felli!

the girl with a zillion namesakes 2:48 pm, June 24, 2008  

i share the same resposibility in my circle of friends...even though i have time and again told them that i fared really bad in commerce....friends!!!

dreamy 10:23 pm, June 24, 2008  

you LIKE vada pao?!?!

onnesha 9:56 pm, June 25, 2008  

i reiterate dreamy.
u LIKE vada pao?
i have never tried pav bhaji and would love to have some,someday.
i hope people are listening.

The none 6:43 pm, June 26, 2008  

Pav bhaji besh bhalo jinis. Pav-gulote makhon laagiye dey :D Kintu tai bole vada pav? :( aar even I can watch Pulp fiction and Strangelove time and again. IMHO, Peter Sellers is the best comic actor. Ever.

Zii 9:08 pm, June 26, 2008  

Ladakh..plch yaar. I want also.

you get vada pao in kolkota too? i didnt know

ad libber 2:56 pm, June 30, 2008  

that means you are tagged, any person wanting to do it is tagged. That way. Yeah, the tag was fun.

@amazing greys
eh no, I am the only one who has managed to find out how the calculator on the cellphone works.

see, the real point here isI have managed to write this down.

we, my friend, are the victims. Its a completely distasteful job.

@dreamy & onnesha
Yes I do. Have you ever had the one at Exide? There are like three types of chutney, along with lonkar achar and what not. Its such an elaborate thing, burgers pale in front of it.
&onn, which people are you telling it to? Can I tell them too? That pao bhaji at Haldiram's is way too awesome.

Yes totally at Peter Sellers. That scene with the conversation with the Russian minister had me in splits.
And yes vada pao. Anyone who is in Kolkata, go to Exide, some shop called tit bits or whatever, tar shamne there is an open shop called Gokul's (I think thats the name) There you find the vada pao. Kathleen's is three doors away from it.

Yes we do :D

Vinesh 12:07 am, July 02, 2008  

u were a child worker - oh no!

nice tag :-)

the girl with a zillion namesakes 11:29 am, July 02, 2008  

completely distasteful job...thats an understatement i hope :P

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