>> Monday, August 10, 2009

Continuing on the theme of not knowing what to do with my life, I now live in Mumbai. Yes, I study Economics. No, I am not happy at all. But there are compensations.

No, not the six foot four hunk in the next room.

Well, perhaps a little.

The library here is a delight. You start your mornings with the Economic Times, move onto the Wall Street Journal, flip through the International Herald Tribune, pick up the London review of Books, then the New York Review of Books and finish with a look at the photographs in the National Geographic. Someday, I will probably pick up the rest of the 3000 odd journals they keep here.

There are times though, when I wish I was back in Hyderabad. Some places are just meant for happiness. In this city, all I seem to be doing is submerging myself in Economics and losing old friends.

Then again, I like complaining.

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dreamy 7:35 pm, August 10, 2009  

Welcome to Bombay :)

Devdeep 9:40 pm, August 10, 2009  

Good to hear you found your way into Mumbai. I am sure the Dream City will be a fair compensation for your apparent lack of knowledge of Economics. Have fun!!
PS. As far as I remember, coconut water is sold at the beaches of Mumbai.

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ 2:18 am, August 11, 2009  

Baaaambaaaaiii... \m/
The city takes,but gives a lot more.

aandthirtyeights 12:01 pm, August 11, 2009  

(Long shot of Marine Drive under lights)

Bambai. Ek aisa shahar jahaan khwabon ko dhoondte hue log roz door door se aate hain. Ek aisa shahar... (etc etc)

the girl with a zillion namesakes 9:53 pm, August 12, 2009  

Anywhere away from CU is good

Hallucinations of a teardrop...sreemanti 6:06 pm, August 13, 2009  

hey good 1
i like complaning too!

ad libber 11:21 pm, August 15, 2009  

Thanks :)
What does coconut water have to do with my hatred for teh subject?
Would you believe I have not really seen Marine Drive yet? Or well, any part of the city except my college?



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